March 2014

A Silent Reading Party

by Ruth Austin

The first Wednesday of every month, between the hours of 6 and 9pm, something uniquely Seattle goes down at the Sorrento Hotel. Several years ago a group of staffers at The Stranger, Seattle's free weekly newssheet, came up with the excellent idea of a reading time for grown-ups; The Silent Reading Party was born and has been growing in popularity ever since. As if in danger of becoming victim to…



March 2014

We're All Mad Here

by Ruth Austin

I was reminded today of Sharon King-Chai's beautiful Alice in Wonderland artwork. I woke up to a notification on my Twitter feed; she'd been sent another photo of another tattoo (from Turkey, this time). Her typography for the Cheshire Cat's assertion that "We're All Mad Here" has made for some incredibly popular ink. Seriously. Go and do a quick Google or Pinterest search for "Alice in Wonderland tattoo"; you'll find…



February 2014

Reading the Super Bowl Commercials

by Ruth Austin

I often slap on the TV while doing my physical therapy exercises. It’s a good distraction and I find it easier to keep the correct pace with the TV on than with background music. This morning I had Good Morning America quacking away in the background and a story about Coca-Cola’s America the Beautiful Super Bowl commercial caught my attention. It was one of those two-minute puff piece…