October 2014

The 30/30 Challenge for Hugo House

by Ruth Austin

I very seldom ask for sponsorship. Of course, I give money to charity when and where I can, often sponsor others’ efforts, and sometimes I’ve worn costumes for Comic Relief or Children in Need, but let’s face facts: I am not really a sporting person. I will probably never run a marathon, let alone a 5K; just as I will never climb Kilimanjaro, or sail around the world.…



May 2014

Murder in the Library

by Ruth Austin

“And I too have committed murder in my library. I have killed my books.” “I’m going to hell, a hell in which eternity is a Kindle with a dead battery.” — Linda Grant It was with interest, and empathy, that I read Linda Grant’s essay I Murdered My Library. She uses her move to a smaller apartment, and the traumatic experience of culling her books, to discuss the various…



March 2014

Hawaiian Holiday Reading

by Ruth Austin

One of the great joys of going on vacation is the act of selecting books to take along. Perhaps it's some kind of a Pavlovian hangover from childhood (we were always encouraged to bring books on family trips) or perhaps it's the prospect of sitting for hours on a beach or a deck and really, properly soaking in the book. Who knows? All I know for sure is that there's…